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TGL Fall Season: Enrollment Page

Our Fall League is a combination of 4 week long ‘Flex Tournaments’. The better you finish in the tournaments, the more GLN Points you earn to climb up the Fall League leaderboard! Starting September 14th - November 30th we will have ‘Flex Tournaments’ kicking off regularly. Join as many tournaments as you can to propel up the leaderboard and stay there! The season kick-off begins the chase for the cup! Leagues last 4 weeks and will be kicking off routinely as players register. You will gain ‘GLN Points’ based on your finishing placement in each league: 1st Place: 50 pts Free entry into next league tournament 2nd Place: 30 pts 50% off into next league tournament 3rd Place: 19 pts 4th Place: 14 pts 5th Place: 11 pts 6th Place: 10 pts 7th Place: 9 pts 8th Place: 8 pts 9th Place: 7 pts 10th Place: 6 pts *You must register 4 rounds to receive points *Ties - the total points for each tying position will be averaged and that average will be distributed to each player in the tying position.

Player Name W / L Home Course Legacy Matches
P5 Open 0 - 0 - 0
 Player has won a Championship
 Player of the Year
Daytime Player
Retired for the season
Total league matches for the player