Connecting Tampa Golfers in League Play

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  • Connecting Tampa Golfers in League Play

Tee it up with Tampa Golf League!

The purpose of the League is to get you out on the course and playing more golf! We welcome all skills levels in Tampa Bay to come join us. Our service focuses on the players so that we can provide all the necessary tools to keep their experience as fun and positive as it can be. Our main goal is to provide a fair and spirited environment where members can enjoy the camaraderie and sportsmanship of golf.

Kickoff Day

The start day of the season, players are sent a kickoff email that contains important information about the league, the link where your league standings and players contact information.

Your Task - "Flexible Scheduling"

After this kickoff email is sent, it is the player's task to communicate with other players. Players should work with their partners to find an agreeable time and location to play the match. While Tampa Golf League doesn't mandate your playing schedule, it is recommended that players schedule at least one match per week. The regular season is all about playing as much as you can.

Where to Play?

Play at your local public courses in the Tampa area. The league strongly suggests that players jointly try to pick a course location convenient to both. We provide an extensive list of golf courses (golf course list). We are currently working to partner with local courses to offer league members a discounted rate. More information to come.

How to Play?

Players will play a 9-hole round. Players' scores will be adjusted using our handicap system. Please read over and familiarize yourself with the rules page for more information on the handicap system and local rules. All league play will be governed by USGA Rules of golf, unless otherwise noted in the rules page.


Tampa Golf League sets up a must play date to push players out on the course. Each season concludes with playoffs where players with anywhere from 3 to 5 season wins qualify for an end of the season tournament - We look forward to seeing you there!