Connecting Tampa Golfers in League Play

  • Tampa Golf League
  • Connecting Tampa Golfers in League Play

It is time to kick off our Fall season...

  • Our Fall League is a combination of 4 week long ‘Flex Tournaments’. The better you finish in the tournaments, the more GLN Points you earn to climb up the Fall League leaderboard!

  • Starting September 14th - November 30th we will have ‘Flex Tournaments’ kicking off with every 10 enrolled players.

  • Join as many tournaments as you can to play a ton of golf and propel you up the Player of the Season leaderboard and stay there!

  • Our Flex Tournaments last 4 weeks and will be kicking off routinely as players register. You will gain ‘GLN Points’ based on your finishing placement in each ‘Flex Tournament’:

1st Place: 50 pts Free entry into next league tournament
2nd Place: 30 pts 50% off into next league tournament
3rd Place: 19 pts
4th Place: 14 pts
5th Place: 11 pts
6th Place: 10 pts
7th Place: 9 pts
8th Place: 8 pts
9th Place: 7 pts
10th Place: 6 pts

*You must register 4 rounds to receive points

*Ties - the total points for each tying position will be averaged and that average will be distributed to each player in the tying position.

Flex Tournaments

1a) Flex tournaments last 4 weeks and will consist of 10 players.

1b) As you register, you will be grouped into your tournament pool and kicked-off when the tournament is full.

1c) You are allowed to play in multiple flex tournaments at one time.

2a) During this 4 week period, you are required to play at least 4 nine-hole rounds.

2b) Golfers are encouraged to play as much as they please in the 4 week period, a player's best 4 rounds will be recorded for the tournament scores.

*Remember - please record all scores in order to help us keep the most accurate handicap for you.

2c) Don’t forget, our matches will be tallied using GLN’s scoring system. Please refer to the rules page for more info.

3a) All we ask is that you play with at least one other golfer in your tournament - of course, we allow for groups of 3 or 4 as well.