Connecting Tampa Golfers in League Play

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  • Connecting Tampa Golfers in League Play

Rules and Regulations

1a) USGA rules for stroke play and local rules will prevail (except otherwise noted here).

1b) Local rules are defined as all local rules posted by the golf course. These rules can normally be found on the back of the scorecard.

2a) All league matches will be played as 9-hole stroke play.

2b) You are required to play with at least one other league member.

2c) Splitting Matches: matches cannot be split. Meaning, each match must be played by the participating members at one time. Players cannot split-up, play separately, and then enter the scores onto the same scorecard.

3a) All of our league matches will be scored using our own system to help keep it fun and easy:

Net double bogey0 Points
Net bogey1 Point
Net par2 Points
Net birdie3 Points
Net eagle4 Points
Net double eagle5 Points
Net triple eagle6 Points

3b) With a Net double bogey being the max score for each hole, if this is reached prior to the ball being holed, the player should pick up to increase pace of play.

*Reminder - Net score is the total after the handicap is applied.

4a) The female members of the League are to use the ladies’ tees (usually red), male members are to use the men’s tees (at a distance that is fair and reflective of the players handicap).

4b) Here is a chart we recommend men use to determine your tee box:

Driver Distance 18-hole yardage
275+Farthest Tee Box
200Closest men’s tee box

4c) Par 3 courses cannot be played in our league format.

5a) Unfair Lie Rule: if your ball rests in ground which may be considered ground under repair, you may place a ball at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, without penalty, only after notifying and receiving permission from your opponent.

6a) Lift, Clean, and Place Rule: will be in effect at all times during wet conditions.

7a) Out of bounds penalty: USGA rules will be in effect. Out of bounds areas will be marked with white stakes.

7b) If you think your ball may have gone out of bounds, play a provisional. If you hit your ball in play, cannot find it, and did not hit a provisional, you can take a TWO stroke penalty. Remember: always play your original ball if it can be found; you should play a provisional if you feel your original shot may be lost; if you cannot find your original ball and you did not play a provision; however, you can drop a ball where you feel you lost it, incurring a two stroke penalty.

8a) Pace of Play: Pace of play continues to plague golf and GLN is no exception. Searching for lost balls contributes to slow play. As such, there is a (3) three minute time limit on searching for lost balls.

9a) If there are any questions concerning a USGA ruling, local rule, or league ruling listed above try to resolve the problem on the same hole (prior to the next tee off). Discuss your concerns with your opponents. If you still have a question, contact us at by the end of the next working day for advice. Enter the card of record after the problem has been resolved.


Our goal is to keep this a relaxed, competitive and fun environment for golfers of all skill levels. To do this, we do not require you to have a registered handicap. Instead, we have found a way to give you your own! At the league sign-up you will be asked your scoring average on 9-hole and then we will grant you your handicap based on this chart:

Score is around Even to +3 for 9 holes0 strokes
Score is around +4 to +8 for 9 holes3 strokes
Score is around +9 to +13 for 9 holes6 strokes
Score is around +14 to 18 for 9 holes9 strokes
Score is +19 and above for 9-holes12 strokes

Simple as that!
How this is applied:

- A “stroke” will reduce the player's actual score on a given hole to calculate their “net” score for the hole.   Example - If a players actual score on a hole is a 4 and they are receiving a stroke, their net score is 3.

- Strokes will be applied to the player round beginning with the lowest handicap hole. Handicaps for each hole can be found on the courses scorecard.
  Example - If a player is receiving 6 strokes, they will get a stroke on the 6 lowest handicap holes of the nine.

- The max number of strokes for a round is 12. A 12-stroke player receives 2 strokes on the 3 lowest handicap holes and 1 stroke on the remaining 6 holes.

For any further questions please send us an email,

To ensure you are receiving the proper amount of strokes for your skill level, handicaps will be readjusted after every 5 rounds. We will use the below system to do so.

If play on average, exceeds 18 pts around by:

0 to 2 pts = Your handicap will remain the same.
3 to 5 pts = Your handicap will drop one level.
6 to 8 pts = Your handicap will drop two levels.
9 to 11 pts = Your handicap will drop three levels.
12 or more pts = Your handicap will drop to the lowest level.

If a player on average, is not reach 18 pts each round by:
0 pts = Your handicap will remain the same.
1 to 3 pts = Your handicap will go to the next level.
4 to 6 pts = Your handicap will go up two levels.
7 to 9 = Your handicap will go up three levels.
10 or higher = Your handicap will go to the highest level.